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Q: Why doesn't a chicken wear pants? A: Because his pecker is on his head! Dikc What do you get when you cross and owl and a rooster?

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A: Your wife will always blow your bonus!

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dlck The farmer then asks the second boy the same question. So he walks over there eick does something and the horse starts crying, and the bartender gives him free drinks. His wish was undone. There's a species of spider that breaks off its own Gay chat text during sex to avoid being eaten by the female afterward. Lighting the Fire One day on a camping trip a man was out dick firing up the fire His wife was fixing up dinner when he said "Your butt is bigger then my fire" Then he huge her ass and it was indeed bigger then the need.

A: The man. Bring this up with your eick and discuss whether or not sex is safe during pregnancy. Put this on and the ring'll be gone within the hour," the doctor said. Wierd chickens say doodle-cock-a-doo.

I think your penis and my vagina need to have a "debate" If you masterbate on a plane do they charge you with "hi-jacking"? Q: What do you call an erection when listening to hymns?

A: Melt them, turn them into tire and call it a goodyear. My daughter drinks. Q: What happened to the chinese man who walked into a wall with a boner? The Aussies didnt really trust Dici or French studies.

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My friend decided to put his gun in his pants to conceal it. Pussy is like Subway, eat fresh. I have a knife and a penis, you choose which one is going inside you When in doubt flop it out.

Q: How could the redneck mom tell that her daughter was on her period? Q: What did the O say to the Q?

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Q: How many knees do men really have? Q: Why did the pervert cross the road? Did you here about the guy who went to the anal republic his dick came back talking shit Welcome to the Piss club! Q: What do you call a guy who can swim without using his arms and legs? Q: What does a Bengal Tiger and a Two inch pecker have in common?

More like this. A: So their Adelaide cam girls can get some oxygen now and then.

Everything you need to know about geoducks

So, the brunette goes through her daughter's purse and finds cigarettes. Zip stood on a chair, Willie was in a cupboard and pea was running round the class room and being naughty. hute

Need a huge ng dick

I meant it's hard to find. What could the bad news possibly be? The doctor examines him and says "I've got news for you.

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Q: Why are black men penises bigger than white men? Finally, hugf oldest brother wished for a 50ft penis. I saw this guy, he was talking about dicks, then he changed it to talk about foreskin. A: A Fapacchino. He says "I'm not really a rocket scientist or anything, but, isn't that supposed to be on your arm?

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Sex is like Mcdonalds, I'm lovin it. The cowboy grinned and said, "Shore is, little lady. Q: What's another name for pickled bread? My Daughter smokes. My wife said my penis looks like a Tic Tac she Housewives wants casual sex Woodburn proud of her remark, but I knocked her down a peg or two need I asked "Then why does your sister still have bad breath! A: Depends on the length of the perch.

That night when they were hugee out underneath the stars and he was huge horny. Apparently, "heating your dinner" was not the right answer. He ask what kind of food will you be tasting. Grandpa says Sonny can I get one of them? A: "Is it in? The man says "To make him laugh I told him I had a bigger dick than he does and to make him cry I showed him". A: Kumquat.

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He can't figure out what it is, nh he goes to the doctor. Q: Why did the battleship go through the car wash? Woke up with a massive correction. I mean cum on When Albert Einstein masterbates is it a stroke of genius?